Heel Cups

Heel Cups

Heel cups serve to protect the area of possible frictions with shoes and add an additional support to the feet. There are several heel cups depending on the manufacture fabric; Herbi Feet offers all types of heel cups.

Using heel cups help patients to reduce symptoms of the physical problems they can suffer: knees, hip or heel discharges. Another heel cups quality is they help to improve legs blood circulation, since they pressure the area providing the blood movement upward.

At the same time, they are helpful to reduce heel spur symptoms, which is a painful calcification that merge in the heel. Usually it occurs due to the use of inadequate shoes or poor standing habits. Using this heel cup elevates that particular zone where the spur has created and it avoids directly friction with the shoe.

Moreover, patients can treat other illnesses with this cup: plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, knees and the back pain. This product is very beneficial for the feet health and it helps to prevent future problems.


Silicone heel cups

As mentioned above, there are different types of heel cushions depending on the material used, such as silicone, the most recommended for sports. If you are a person who likes running, but always usually end up with discomfort or pain, then the heel cups can help you not to happen again.

The use of this product is beneficial to correct the bad footstep and it is important to know what type of runner you are: pronator, supinator or neutral. Depending on all this, you will have to use the heel cup in one way or another and you will be able to improve the deviation of the heel and improve your posture.

At HerbiFeet we offer different silicone heel cups so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, you can find the special Duplo heel cup for joint pains, arthritic or diabetic foot problems and heel spurs.

Another model that can be obtained is the Silonite lined heel cup, which has a larger unloading area and Velcro adhesive that prevents it from moving. This product is indicated for osteoarthritis of the ankle, knee or femoral head and the material in which it is made has ideal characteristics of cushioning and elasticity.

Gel heel pads

Another of the materials with which the heel cups are made is gel, and you can also get them in HerbiFeet. The gel-lined Duplo spur heel cup, for example, helps to relax the heel area, providing rest and cushioning. Thanks to its soft and soft density, it absorbs microtraumatisms preventing damage and injuries.

You can also opt for the self-adhesive gel heel pad that does not move while walking and is reusable. In addition, you can wash it and it will not lose adherence. They help with problems of calcaneal spurs and tendinitis providing rest to the foot.

If you have a problem or need to protect the heel area because of the type of footwear you wear or because you do a lot of sport, in HerbiFeet you will find the models of heel cups you need. Choose the one that best suits you and start taking care of your feet.

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