Herbi Plast First Aid

Herbi Plast First Aid

Having a first aid kit on hand is more than necessary in day-to-day life, especially in places where minor incidents can occur such as at home or in the car.

Herbi Feet offers a range of first aid products that can be easily and comfortably taken anywhere you wish or stored at home because you never know when something unexpected might happen.

This range is made with the best materials to offer you safe protection against cuts and wounds as well as a selection of the most essential items because your safetyand that of your loved ones come first.

Of the most essential items, Herbi Feet offers bandages, bandage strips to cut to size and medical tape. Many of these products stand out as they are hypoallergenic, breathable, flexible, water-resistant and don’t stick to the wound. And they’re always the best quality.

Discover our fun children’s line for the youngest in the house. It’ll make the small wounds they so often suffer much more bearable.

Herbi Plast First Aid – your home solution.

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