The use of a complete insole is not necessary in many occasions; depending on the disease the patient suffers, h/she will need a specific product. Thus, Herbi Feet offers a great variety of pads, which protect the metatarsal sensible area located in the forefoot where receive all pressure.

The feet have a natural fat pad that absorbs impacts and supports the inner area of the metatarsal. Without these pads, the front of the metatarsal area would receive strong impacts from walking, jumping or running which would cause pain. Age and repetitive use can wear down this fat pad, which can cause pain in the metatarsal area called Metatarsalgia.

Pads are address to women that use high heels to avoid burning sensation. Moreover, you can use these pads when you are going to long walks or when a person still stand lot of time.  This product will provide you a comfort feeling and you may use it with party shoes or sandals, since these pads are non-slip.

Differences between an insole and a cup

In addition to age, there are other causes for metatarsal pain. Some of them are arthritis, joint irritation, ligament injuries, Morton’s Neuroma, Tarsiano Tunnel Syndrome and excess pressure on the foot for long periods.

Poorly fitting shoes (too narrow toe, too high heels or too flat soles) may also be the cause. In fact, the latter are the most common causes of metatarsal pain. Therefore, the footwear you choose and the extra support you can place under your feet can go a long way toward preventing foot pain.

To prevent and treat this pain, you can choose whole insoles or pads. The main difference between them is that the former protect the entire sole of the foot, while the latter focus their action on the front of the foot to treat pain in the metatarsal.


Which Pillow to Choose

Within our catalog, you can find different models of pads so you can choose the one that best fits what you need. Within all the options we give you, you can choose those that best suit the type of shoe and the space available, given our wide range.

So that you can choose the one that suits you best, the first step is to go to a specialist who assesses your problem and tells you which pad is the most recommended for you. You should not go and buy them yourself, as you can choose the one that least helps you to improve and this can cause the foot problem to get worse.


Pads, bands and protectors

As we have told you, within our offer of pads we have several models: pads, bands and protectors. Each one of them has a different function and protects you from different problems you may have on your foot.

For instance, the forefoot protector allows you to wear protection on the front, helps prevent the formation of corns and calluses and is beneficial in arthritis problems. For a good use of the protector, it is necessary to place it correctly so that it fulfills its function.

We can also find the miniplangelite gel pads, designed exclusively to relieve pain in the metatarsal area and forefoot. They should be placed at the correct height in the shoe and direct the widest part towards the metatarsals.

The bandagel or COMODIGEL is another of the gel band pads we offer in our catalogue. It is an elastic bandage that you place on the foot and includes polymer gel inside. It provides relief, comfort and protection and reduces pain and inflammation in the area. It is one of our star products.

As you can see, the offer of Herbi Feet pads is wide so you can choose the product you need depending on the problem. Each model adapts differently to treat metatarsal conditions. Do not wait any longer, choose your pad and if you have any questions, our professional team will be happy to assist you and solve any issue.

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