Relief, Sport and Rehabilitation

Relief, Sport and Rehabilitation

Depending on the model, orthoses are designed to immobilise, support or partially correct joint movement. Thus, they fight instability and relax joints to decrease excess tension and improve recovery.

As well as being essential for proper rehabilitation, they are a great ally for treating certain pathologies, inflammations and acute and/or chronic pain.

HERBI FEET offers maternity belly bands, girdles, elbow supports, wrist supports, knee supports, back supports, and so on. And many of them are adjustable and breathable.

You can also try our Farma Parchi Heat Therapy Patch which is ideal for isolated pain in areas like the back or neck. Available now in Band format, which includes an ergonomic girdle to use the patch in most difficult areas.

These patches or bands are comfortable and discrete and use dry heat, which is very effective against muscular, joint and back problems. Moreover, they protect the body from the risk of body temperature imbalance and thermal regulation difficulties.

Rest, Sport and Rehabilitation always go hand in hand.

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