Treatments for the feet

Herbifeet, as authentic professionals of the foot care, offers you the best solution for your problem. In this section, you will find the best treatments for the feet.

It is vital to choose the appropriate treatment, thus we always recommend attend to your specialist. Dermafeet offers to you the best products that can help you to overcome the different types of pathologies in a simple way.

Nip in the bud with the problem with our Dermafeet range of products and avoid major complications that may damage your feet health: calluses, brittle nails, athlete foot, nails’ fungi and so on. Our specialized brand, Dermafeet, eliminates whatever pathology related with your feet or nails.

Treatments for nails

Nails are an important part of our feet and may damage diverse pathologies. In our Dermafeet range of products, you will find the solution for those problems: faded nails, nails’ fungi or the yellow nail syndrome.

Biting the hand nails or unicofagia is a problem that affect many people. Dermafeet offers a specialized product, which reinforces your nails, and it has a bitter taste to avoid biting your nails.

We offer you a restorative gel for nails and cuticles if your nails are fragile and brittle, which cares, protects and repairs.

Other treatments for the feet

You can suffer other feet problems as calluses or fungi; you will find the solution with Dermafeet products. We have sanitary products indicated for the athlete treatment or feet fungi.

Moreover, other product to highlight is our calluses cream Tipicallos, which remove calluses thanks to its high salicylic acid component.

Remember, you can ask for our products in your nearest Pharmacy or Orthopedics.

Products that can help you