Insoles not only guarantee comfort but also prevent foot’s sole diseases. Our feet suffer too much during the day; we cover and neglect them without having in mind their necessities.

Soles carry us from one place to another without asking anything in return. In general, we do not care of this part, in exception of those who have severe feet illnesses. Regarding this carelessness, many people need insoles for a standard shoe, intermeddle or pathological feet.  Patients can use these insoles with the aim of correcting any problem, prevent pain and proportion more comfort.

We can find an insole for each foot. The only thing is to know the problem to find out the best insole for you.  Attend to a professional podiatrist is essential to determine what occurs and which is the best remedy to treat it and to prevent that problem in the future.


Which insole to choose?

There are motives in which may be necessary to use insoles: to alleviate, prevent plantar fasciitis or to get more comfort.

Each insole has a different use, thus we can find insoles to correct posture during walk, to absorb footstep and to prevent bad foot and legs postures. All is designed for the foot care and to prevent its suffering in certain circumstances as sport, cold or hot, or to prevent bad odor.

The use of insoles is always recommend to correct pains or to prevent them. Not every patients can use insoles at the same level, since a specialist have to indicate the product. Using an inadequate insole can provoke a foot pathology.

Insoles are from different fabrics and they are for a different specific use. Different thickness and fabric combination makes an appropriate insole for each foot. To choose an appropriate insole the specialist is going to have in mind our weight, foot model, daily activity, floor type training and age. Herbi Feet recommends you to consult a podiatry regularly.


Insoles models:

  • Sports insoles: they help to add foot stability and absorb the footstep impact in joints (knees or ankles).
  • Rest insoles: their use is daily and permit relax the foot during a long day. We can find complete insoles, for the tip of the shoe or heel protector insoles. The ones use for the tip of the shoe are for those who use high heels and the heel protector insoles protect that area and ankle.
  • Orthopedic insoles: this is the most recommendable product because they help to prevent and to treat injures, bad formations or a bad posture during walk. It is important the orthopedic insoles manufacture by a professional.


You have to buy quality insoles: risks of buying without knowledge

Using quality insoles are important for the benefits and the correct use. It is important to wear good shoes to avoid feet suffering but most of the time it is not enough and we have to add insoles. Adding this extra element in the shoes can help you to improve footstep or avoid bad odors

It is recommendable to attend a doctor consultation when you begin to notice some foot pain. Do not buy an insole without knowing the appropriate for you, since this anticipation can cause future problems. Herbifeet is an insoles specialist and we offers you the best products to care the feet’s health.

The first step is to recognize the pains and the best option will be attend to the specialist who may recommend you the perfect insole. Do not forget these pains, since they can result as a difficult pathology to treat.

Keep in mind the appropriate shoes and the perfect insoles for you.  Moreover, it is important to mention you do not have to use the same shoes every day; not using them will help you to avoid moisture shoes and their negative effects.

Do not wait more and start caring your feet health with our appropriate insoles!

Products that can help you

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    3/4 insole for Phlebology and venous insufficiency.

    Flexible resin with down force in the arch.

    It helps with venous return when stepping.


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    A 3G removable insole that smells of mint, so your foot can breathe.

    Anatomical insole with gel base, special shock absorbing and anti-fatigue.

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    A 3G removable insole for high sports performance.

    Running or walking.

    Daily sport.

    With an anti-bacterial silver agent.

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    Anatomical gel insole with special reinforcement in the inner arch.

    With metatarsal gel softening areas and special “honeycomb” shape in the heel.

    Fabric with a very good flexibility, contributing to increase comfort.

    The new 3G material provides comfort and cushioning.

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    Extra-soft gel insole.

    Ideal for diabetic foot and tired feet.

    Anatomic shape with an inner arch.

    Great shock absorbance and comfort.

    Massage effect on the foot and anti-fatigue.

    Reduces bad odor.


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    An anatomic gel insole with an special reinforcement in the inner arch.

    Its features are the following: soft down force areas in the metatarsal and heel areas.

    The lining is very flexible.

    Better comfort and convenience.



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    Lined insole with beige coloured fabric.

    Designed to provide pain relief in the heel and metatarsal area.

    Prevents calluses and hard skin formation.

    Extra thin with extra padding.

    They can be used with sandals, thin shoes and high heels.

    They are self-adhesive and do not move!


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    Insole designed to isolate the foot from cold and moisture.

    A thermal effect is achieved with the fleecy wool.

    Provides great comfort and shock absorption when you walk.

    They protect the skin.

    Specially designed for winter!


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    Made of breathable latex foam.

    With aromatizing elements!

    Offers shock absorbance and comfort.

    Absorbs sweat and neutralizes bad odor.

    Provides a feeling of freshness and comfort to the feet.


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    A phlebological insole, which alleviates fatigue in legs.

    For venous insufficiency, heavy legs and tension.

    Ideal for the causes of phlebitis, thrombosis and ulcerations.

    Moreover, it produces a pumping effect and pushes the blood upwards.

    Controls and improves the distribution of body weight.


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    All-new anti-microbial gel!

    Greater shock absorbance in the heel area and in the metatarsals.

    This insole can be inserted in any type of the shoe.

    Improves the condition of your feet.

    Improves the distribution of the weight supporting the surface of the foot.

    Relieves the pain caused by excess pressure.

    Prevents pain in the forefoot area.

    Prevents hard skin and calluses.


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    Plantar Fasciitis Removable Insole

    This insole helps with venous return, tired legs and poor blood circulation.

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    Plantillas gel 3G calzado laboral

    Plantillas del gel para el trabajo diario.

    Disponibles en 2 tallas.

    Ref. 15.065.45-46

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    Extra-thin insole with reflexology pressure points.

    Based on Chinese Foot Reflexology.

    Stimulates microcirculation.

    Guarantees thermo-regulation and air circulation inside the shoe.


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    This insole has a low-density silicone insertion in the heel area.

    Ideal for muscular and tendon pain.

    Reduces overpressure.

    Moreover, it reduces pain in the front of the foot and heel area.

    Reinforces the foot sole tissue.

    Tired feet relief.


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    This product has a soft silicone inserted in the metatarsal and heel area.

    It is designed for muscular and tendon pain.

    Tired feet relief.

    Reduces overpressure and pain in the front of the foot and heel.

    A massage effect that activates blood circulation.


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    This product has a soft silicone inserted in the metatarsal and heel area.

    For muscular and tendon pain.

    Reduces overpressure and pain in the front of the foot and heel.

    Tired feet relief.

    A massage effect that activates blood circulation.


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    Special silicone insole designed for delicate feet, diabetic feet or risk feet.

    Ideal for heel, forefoot, muscular, tired feet and slowed feet pains.

    The elasticity and impact absorption reduces the great pressure.

    The metatarsal almond helps with the alignment of the metatarsal heads, relieves pain in the front of the foot and prevents calluses.

    The special composition prevents micro-trauma and chafing.

    They soften and lubricate the skin.


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    This insole is designed for the sport activities, due to its great shock absorption power.

    We have 2 models: walk model and indoor model. They are made of low-density injected polyurethane and they have Gelastic down force areas.



    This type of insole absorbs the impacts and pressure when you are walking.

    This product is designed for people who habitually have long walks or practice hiking.


    A specific insole for court athletes who require sudden changes in direction such as in basketball, indoor football, handball and tennis.


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    A gel foam insole lined with fiber and pure silver.

    Anti-odor, it eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria.

    100% natural with unalterable properties.

    Thermo-smart and anti-static fabric.

    Improves blood circulation.

    Total shock absorption from everyday overload.

    These insoles can be inserted in any type of footwear.

    Ideal for people who sweat excessively and suffer from foot odor.

    Recommended for athletes and people who love to walk.

    Also for workers with electricity risks and work in wet environments, as well as diabetics.


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    Latex foam insoles, with antimicrobial Preventol treatment.

    Latex foam with Preventol antimicrobial treatment and polyester lining.

    Triple action: anti-odor, anti-sweat and anti-perspirant.

    Ideal for active kids, feet that excessively sweat and suffer from bad odor or sports.

    This insole can be cut to size (size 20 to 35).


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    Insoles with a latex base and high quality active carbon.

    Created exclusively with Feet Powder and liquid Sanitized® Neutralizing Disinfectant (exclusive).

    The lining components boost the efficacy and duration, creating a Fast Dry effect.

    Triple Action Effect: anti-odor, anti-sweat and anti-perspirant!

    Ideal for active people and those who practice sports.

    Moreover, they are highly recommendable for feet that sweat a lot and/or suffer from bad odor.