The Forefoot and Metatarsal Area

The Forefoot and Metatarsal Area

The feet have a natural fat pad in the front of the metatarsal area that absorbs impacts. Without these pads, the front of the metatarsal area would directly receive strong impacts from walking, jumping or running which would cause pain. Age and repetitive use can wear down this fat pad which can cause pain in the metatarsal area called Metatarsalgia.

Besides age and repetitive use, there are other causes for metatarsal pain such as arthritis, joint irritation, ligament injury, Morton’s neuroma, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and excess pressure on the foot for long periods of time.

Then there are also shoes that fit poorly (too narrow toe, very high heels or very flat soles), which can also be the cause. In fact, the latter is the most common cause of pain in the metatarsal area. Therefore, the footwear you choose and any additional support you can place under your feet can largely help prevent foot pain.

HERBI FEET offers solutions and ideas for everyday care of the Forefoot and Metatarsal Area, which is so important to the feet, ranging from pads to protectors as well as bands.

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