Improve your blood circulation

Improve your blood circulation

The blood flow is an essential bodily system, which is responsible for providing the nutrients and substances required by each one of the parts of the human body.

Without good blood circulation, you can have problems with your skin and nails but also problems with wounds and ulcers, as they will not heal well. In addition, if your blood circulation is not improved, you can feel cramps and pain in your legs and feet.

There are many causes; however, the main ones are high cholesterol levels, poor fiber consumption, tobacco use, and too much salt in your diet as well as a need to drink more water.

On the other hand, physical exercise also has an impact. In addition, it must not be forgotten that in many cases, the causes are genetic and hormonal, primarily affecting women.

One of the other recurrent factors is diabetes as it can cause poor blood circulation, which obstructs the arteries and creates a loss of sensitivity in the feet. Therefore, it is important to watch out for the symptoms and take action.

Regardless of the origin, HERBI FEET offers various solutions to fight this bothersome problem. With removable insoles, socks or cold lotions, we would like to help you fight poor blood circulation.

Improve your blood circulation; do not think any more about it.

Improve your diet

Follow a balanced, fiber-rich diet and stay away from processed foods, food with a lot of salt or sugar and unhealthy fats. Fruits and vegetables of all kinds are a good choice, especially oranges and watermelon. Moreover, do not forget nuts. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, lower your caffeine intake and do not drink alcoholic beverages.

Change your lifestyle

One of the priorities is avoiding excessively hot atmospheres. Find healthy ways to release stress such as doing exercise whenever you can or meditating whenever you need. In addition, stretch at least once an hour or try to do small exercises to move your body, especially if you work sitting down or standing up for long periods.

Dedicate some time to yourself

Take your time and try to relax in the shower, alternating between warm temperatures and cold bursts on your legs. Whenever possible, raise your legs to increase the blood circulation. Treat yourself to a gentle upward leg and ankle massage using a cold gel. Finally, do not forget to moisturize your skin. You will really notice the effect!

Products that can help you

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    3/4 insole for Phlebology and venous insufficiency.

    Flexible resin with down force in the arch.

    It helps with venous return when stepping.


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    Cushion to prevent pressure ulcers.

    A single piece.

    Distribution of bodyweight.

    Relieves pressure.

    Maximum density.


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    Dermafeet Cold Leg Gel tones and relaxes.

    Fosters micro-circulation.

    Comfort feeling.


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    Fosters microcirculation.

    Increases the temperature.

    Maximum moisturization.

    Helps with skin regeneration and recovery.

    For advanced foot care, when risk factors are present.

    Extremely dry and cracked feet.

    Softens and prevents calluses.


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    Extra-soft gel insole.

    Ideal for diabetic foot and tired feet.

    Anatomic shape with an inner arch.

    Great shock absorbance and comfort.

    Massage effect on the foot and anti-fatigue.

    Reduces bad odor.


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    Special sock designed for sensitive, risk or diabetic feet.

    This product is designed and manufactured according to the doctors and podiatrists recommendations.


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    Special Sport sock for diabetic footeczema skin and excessive sweating.

    Prevents various pathologies such as: diabetes patients, diabetes during pregnancy, eczema, decubitis scars or neurology patients.

    Anti-bacterial and fungicidal.

    Prevents skin irritation.

    Eliminates bad odors.

    Fosters the healing process for minor erosions.

    Dermatologically tested.


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    Cream designed for muscular and joint relief with a cold effect.  Effective in imflammations, contractures and sprains.

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    Special sock for intense activity.

    High performing.

    Wrap-around fabric. Anatomic design. Seamless and wrinkle-free.

    Sports. Hiking.

    People who sweat excessively and suffer from foot odor.

    Athlete’s Foot. Blisters. Hard skin and calluses.

    Prevents minor wounds, ulcerations and chafing.

    It was designed and manufactured according to doctors and podiatrists recommendations, with innovative Coolmax and X-Static with Silver fibres.


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    A phlebological insole, which alleviates fatigue in legs.

    For venous insufficiency, heavy legs and tension.

    Ideal for the causes of phlebitis, thrombosis and ulcerations.

    Moreover, it produces a pumping effect and pushes the blood upwards.

    Controls and improves the distribution of body weight.


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    Extra-thin insole with reflexology pressure points.

    Based on Chinese Foot Reflexology.

    Stimulates microcirculation.

    Guarantees thermo-regulation and air circulation inside the shoe.


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    A gel foam insole lined with fiber and pure silver.

    Anti-odor, it eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria.

    100% natural with unalterable properties.

    Thermo-smart and anti-static fabric.

    Improves blood circulation.

    Total shock absorption from everyday overload.

    These insoles can be inserted in any type of footwear.

    Ideal for people who sweat excessively and suffer from foot odor.

    Recommended for athletes and people who love to walk.

    Also for workers with electricity risks and work in wet environments, as well as diabetics.