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Caring for your feet is not only an aesthetic issue but also a health issue, and foot health begins with good moisturisation. The feet are mostly forgotten when it comes to daily hygiene and moisturisation in spite of the fact that they are one of the body parts that suffer the most day after day.

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Creams for the feet

Some of the consequences of this lack of moisturisation include heel cracking, hard skin and calluses. Herbi Feet has a wide range of foot lotions and soaps, many of them with urea, which is a perfect solution for bothersome foot dryness.

Foot odour! Don’t let this problem embarrass you. Find out what is causing the unpleasant aroma and the best solution for your situation. Our SinODOR line offers solutions for sweating and bad odour for feet and shoes, as they are the easiest place for bacterial growth.

However, there are situations where extreme hygiene in this area isn’t even able to eliminate the bad odour. So, it’s important to find the causes and right solutions if your feet smell.

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