Calluses are no more than a warning of excess pressure on your foot. The hard skin is sign of aggression in the area; it’s the body’s way of defending itself. Sometimes, they can hurt simply when something brushes against them so they need to be removed and the cause determined.

This increase in skin thickness is very common in the foot and often occurs in the foot sole area above the toes, behind the heels and between two or more toes, which are commonly known as “corns”.

The treatment consists of avoiding pressure on the callus area by using silicon, patches, gel tubes, hydrogel bandages, toe separators… depending on the area where they occur and without forgetting to protect against them with protectors.

They can also be alleviated using different types of pads, gel insoles, gel bunion protectors, mini removable insoles or elastic support bands.

All of these remedies are often accompanied by having a podologist periodically remove the calluses or the use of keratolytic creams. We also recommend fighting them at home with our files and scrapers. Keep those calluses away!

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