Home Pedicure

Feet always tend to be forgotten because they are not always visible or because people do not really have the energy to take special care of them.

Giving yourself a home pedicure does not take as much time as one may believe. You can do it with just a little bit of your time and very little fuss.

If you’re looking for step-by-step information on how to do a home pedicure, do not look any further. you have just found the information you need.

Here you can find the essential steps for doing a step-by-step pedicure at home with the help of HERBIFEET.

If you are someone who wonders how to do a home pedicure, do not miss these three essential steps.

Gather your materials

For a quality pedicure, you need some basic materials to prepare your feet. Get a tub and water to soak them, nail clippers, a nail file, scissors, cuticle scissors, a pumice stone. Other options include bath salt for scented feet, cuticle oil and lotion to give yourself a massage when you finish.

Moisten your feet

Fill a tub or basin with warm water and, if you wish, a bit of bath salt or oil. It is time to feel and relax! Let your feet soak for 10 minutes; the warm water will soften the hard calluses and clean any dirt off.

Cut and file your nails

You can use nail clippers to do so. The nail shape should be slightly squared and follow the natural line of your fingers. Use a nail file to file the edges that might be left from the clippers and give them a bit more shape.

  • Avoid cutting your nails with a round shape as it can make them scar.
  • If you can, try to file your nails in the same direction to prevent the layers from chipping and damaging your nails.

When you finish, clean all of your tools with disinfectant; dirty tools are subject to bacterial growth which causes infections when used again.

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