Skingel offers you a complete range of hydrocolloids patches for blisters, calluses, frictions or corns. These patches have a shock absorbing action to avoid friction and shocks.

All hydrocolloids patches are impermeable, breathable and hypoallergenic to offer the best feet care. You will alleviate blisters pain, calluses or frictions and protect the affected areas against bacteria, with this product.

Skingel will give you the solution to the feet pain caused by blisters, calluses, frictions, hard skin, cuts or warts.

Forget about frictions and blisters with Skingel patches

Frictions and blisters are the great pains we can encounter using some type of shoes. Thanks to Skingel you can forget these discomfort problems. First, you can avoid frictions and blisters with the antifictions sticks, which have an invisible protector film that does not slip. Moreover, we have hydrocolloid patches for blisters, cuts and frictions, which alleviate the area and protect it.

Skingel for calluses and hard skin

Calluses and hard skin are another painful problem that can appear in our feet due to overpressure. Our hydrocolloid patches are the best solution for these pains. They alleviate pain and create an antibacterial barrier in the affected areas.

Remember, you can acquire all Skingel products in your nearer pharmacy. Ask for our brands!

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