Hydration for the feet

Dermafeet hydration creams provide you to show beautiful feet in whatever season. Feet hydration is fundamental to have a beautiful and elastic skin.

Daily hydration avoids cracked feet, flaking and infections due to the presence of microorganisms.

The feet skin support our weight and shoe frictions. Moreover, it is a dry skin and less elastic than the other skin of the body. Thus, we have to hydrate feet daily.

Get a softer and toned skin thanks to the selection of our Urea creams. Reduce hard skin and rough areas in a few days prominently.

You will find in this section the best Dermafeet hydration creams whatever type of skin you have. Pay attention!

Creams with urea to hydrate the feet

Urea has beneficial effects: hydrates in depth the skin, hydrates the layers reducing water lost and has exfoliant properties. Urea creams are the solution for the feet hydration.

Dermafeet has different urea concentration in creams:

  • 10% for a normal hydration.
  • 20% for dry skin and cracked heels hydration.
  • 50% designed for a quick and aggressive treatment against extreme dryness.

Other products for the feet hydration

Dermafeet has a great range of hydration creams for the feet: our Diabetic creams which help to regenerate the skin, Rosehip oil or Aloe Vera Gel.

Rely on the professional experience if you want to get the best hydration products for the feet.

Remember you can ask for our products in your nearest Pharmacy or Orthopedics.

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