Herbiplast is our complete brand that include dressings, plasters and nasal strips. We provide all what you need to dispone a complete first aid in your house, car o business.

Herbiplast products are hypoallergenic, thus your skin will be secure and protect. In addition, this product does not adhere to the wound.

Herbiplast provide a great range of dressings and plasters, they are manufactured to solve wounds and frictions.


Take care of the children with Herbiplast

Herbiplast have especial dressings for kids. This product contains eye-catching colors and cartoons. In addition, it is breathable, flexible, waterproof and hypoallergenic.

Rely on Herbiplast, since we have first quality products designed for them.


Say bye to blisters with Herbiplast

Herbiplast has incorporated to the products the last technology: hydrocolloids, which protect superficial skin wounds.

This type of dressings are designed for blisters that are produced by friction. This product does not adhere to the wound and it favors to the wound healing. Moreover, it alleviates and protects the affected area.


Herbiplast nose strips

Congestion and snoring have a solution: Herbiplast nose strips. Our product alleviates pain caused by congestion, favors breathing and reduces snoring.

The nasal strips adheres to the skin up to 12 hours providing relief, since it dilates the nasal cavities.  It is discreet and easy to withdraw.

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