Herbi Feet | The Company

HerbiFeet is a brand in constant growth and innovation. It exists in the professional field more than 30 years.

We are in contact with worldwide Universities and Podiatrists and we use the ultimate techniques to sell the best quality products.

The company manufactures all products in Spain having the high-grade quality standard and using raw material as the gel polymer and medical grade silicone.

The constant control of the stages, from the R & D (Research and Development) to the customary delivery, allow us to guarantee the maximum efficiency in each one of the processes.

The vast majority of our products are related with foot care, daily comfort, sport activities and recovery.

Our products are designed for problems such as bunions, metatarsalgias, calluses, corns, sweating, bad odor, cracks or diabetic foot.

Do not forget to visit the podiatry regularly as h/she is the qualify specialist to diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment.