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Cracked heels

Cracked heels: causes and solutions to solve this problem


Feet are essential in our looks, since they are more expose to everyone during spring. However, after being hide with socks and boots in winter and autumn, feet need some extra care. Cracked heels is one important care to take in mind.


Skin body is different in some parts of the body; in the case of the foot, skin is thicker than others are. For instance, the heel could become 50 times thicker than the face. Moreover, this kind of skin is not oily, so the majority of the time it is not hydrated. These two causes can make cracked heels appear.



Cracked heels causes


The cracked heels main symptom is hard and dry skin. Due to it, vertical cracks appear and can even bleed in extreme cases.

If this problem arise to the extreme situation in which cause pain and bleed, it is recommendable to visit a podiatry. The doctor will tell you the steps to follow for your skin hydration and elasticity.


The following are the possible cracked heels causes:


  • Lack of hydration. Sometimes we forget to care the foot skin as well as the rest body skin.
  • Some diseases or treatments. Diabetes, dialysis, chemotherapy or radiotherapy can make skin dehydration easier, especially in foot.
  • Use an incorrect footwear. We recommend using wide shoes with shock absorbing and without high heels to avoid suffer pressures and excessive dryness.
  • Not having a balanced diet. It is essential to follow a balance diet to have a hydrate and elastic skin. The overweight can also make the heel suffers more pressure and dryness.
  • Going barefoot. Going barefoot makes more friction with the support surface causing dryness.
  • Hot water and long baths. Hot water and more than 15 minutes taking a bath can make skin less hydrate causing dryness.
  • Chlorine and saltpeter. Sea baths or swim baths during summer can cause dryness. That is why we have to take a shower after that type of baths, to remove chlorine and saltpeter.
  • Smoke dries the skin, since nicotine reduces the blood flow and cause a lack of nutrients and oxygen.
  • Drink little water. The essential form to be hydrate is to drink between 1.5 liters – 2 liters daily. If we do not take this habit, it is easier our skin is dehydrate and dry.



Cracked heels treatment


Cracked heels are unsightly and can cause other important difficulties such as pain, bleed or infections. Hereafter we suggest some treatments to solve this problem:


 Visit a podiatry: it is important to visit a specialist if the heel dryness cause pain or bleed. Deep cracks may be a microorganism door causing infections. The podiatry will tell you the most adequate treatment in serious cases.


To make an hydration cure: if you have not used moisturizing cream for a long time and the problem is evident, a hydration cure could be the perfect solution for you. Put an specific cream in the area, like DermaFeet cream, and cover it with a plastic film during all the night to be effective.


Drink water and have a healthy diet: as we mentioned before, having a balance diet and drinking 2 liters of water daily is essential to have a hydrate and elastic skin.


Hydrate your foot daily: it is necessary to care our skin body, including foot skin care. You have to use a specific foot cream, having Urea as a principal component, since this ingredient helps to prevent lose water. The Urea 20 % podiatry cream will be your great allied to maintain your feet hydrate. It is recommendable to put the cream at night.


To forget cracked heels you must follow these advices and treatments.

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Clubfoot: diagnosis and treatment

The clubfoot is the foot’s genetic deformity where the foot is turned inward or downward. It is one of the most common congenital pathologies, since one infant in every 1.000 live births will have clubfoot.

The clubfoot diagnosis is really simple; you can see it with the naked eye. Even doctors can detect it during the ultrasound examinations before giving birth.

Clubfoot is not painful and nowadays proper treatments give to the majority of children a wide range of physical activities. This deformity can be corrected when the patient is an infant through the manual manipulation of foot. The surgical treatment can be followed in more complicated cases.