For the kids

For the kids

Minor injuries are part of children’s day to day – whether cuts, bumps, scratches, abrasions or chafing.

Inexperience and little ones’ activeness exposes them to some accidents while playing, running, jumping… While it’s true we can all suffer from these minor injuries, children are particularly prone because of how active they are.

Yet, despite the fact that accidents occur due to fast and sudden movements, their attraction to danger or contact with other children, we mustn’t get overly alarmed but be prepared.

And we shouldn’t forget what comes natural in children: their constant growth. So, when it comes to their feet, choose good shoes and prevent chafing with heel protectors.

As parents, you must be alert. For minor injuries, we can help you with our offering of children’s bandages and solutions for recurrent bumps.


The importance of play in child development cannot be overstated. Children must get outside, invent new and fun games, try “the old ones”, play virtually and build forts. The youngest need to remain active so as to develop their physical and mental skills. Let them search, relate with each other, explore and discover the world by themselves!


Children don’t just have fun with games. Help them discover and enjoy nature, the company of other children or adults, field trips… Stimulate your children and spend free time with them, teach them the small joys in life and become a kid again along with them. Children must be allowed to enjoy their childhood because there’s nothing like a child’s smile upon discovering something for the first time!

Have Fun

Children’s rights include their right to fun and having a good time, something that might seem obvious. But it’s becoming more and more common for children to feel stressed, just like their parents. Therefore, children must have time for fun: having fun with your children is something that should happen every day. There are thousands of things to do and you don’t need money for many of them!

HERBI FEET helps you with the complicated day-to-day task of parenting with specific solutions for the little ones because their wellbeing is what matters most.

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